Our Reviews

"Took my vehicle for an estimate shortly after the "collision". They were very professional. They had the estimate and pictures to the insurance company the next day. The insurance company reviewed and cut the check the next day. The only problem is the delay with the actual work. Unfortunately, that is just another component to our new normals. "
Susan Hilt

"They do grade A work they are very good at blending paint and good at matching your paint too "
Tracy Dozard

"This is the MOST PROFESSIONAL & HONEST repair shop I have ever worked with! We had them handle a repair on our Jeep after hitting a deer and I have never had a better experience. We used to live in Colorado and had several hail repair incidents. Whike in CO we worked with a top notch repair shop, but the experience at Morton Collision Repair exceeded even those hight expectations. About 5 months after the deer incident we noticed the smell of radiator fluid and took the Jeep back into Morton Collision and within 2 minutes they had diagnosed a pinhole sized leak in a vent tube from the radiator. It was likely due to rubbing on another engine component (probably not even from the accident) but they replaced that tube anyway, no questions asked... just because they had replaced the radiator as part of our original repair. I was blown away. If you need collision repair work done anywhere in the Peoria Area, you must use Morton Collision Repair! "
Chris Urban

"We use Morton Collision every time we need a vehicle repaired! They do great work! Most recently, my vehicle was in for a dent and scratch repair. It was finished in two days and they cleaned and conditioned the interior of the vehicle too. The car looks as good as the day we bought it from the dealer! Very pleased!! The customer service is great too! They remember me each time I come in, even though they’ve never worked on a vehicle of mine twice or repaired vehicles for me within the same year. Great company to work with! "
Andrea Litwiller

"Ryan and his staff are awesome. Had them work on my Dodge Viper and they made it look incredible. Simply stunning. Fast Service. Trust these guys with your best car and you won’t be disappointed. "
Kevin Noeth

"The owner called me. He told me the part that was dented was actually on order but not in when I picked up the car, but no one told me that. So, back up to 5 stars for the reach out to me and an explanation as to why the dent was still there :). Trim piece will be installed in a week. Took my car here after a recent big hail storm. First time I've have to deal with actual hail damage (31 yo on 4th vehicle.) Everything went pretty smooth. Called my insurance agent and told them where I went. That agent got on contact with Morton Collision. I went on vacation and picked my car up on the way back from the trip. Very simple. The work done was great. But, 2 stars off because one piece of door trim still had a fairly good sized dent in it. You had to be trying to not see to not notice it kind of thing. Now I will say Morton Collision does not do the actual dent removal process, they outsource to Dent Smart in Pekin. Though, Morton Collision is who installs body panels/trim, so technically the dented trim would have been their responsibility. I'm going to just leave the dent as the fight to get it fixed is not something I want to deal with right now (and I only paid a $100 deductible for $7400 in damages, but also there shouldn't be any dents w/it costing $7400...) It's so glaringly obvious that it should have been fixed that I'm taking the lower road and saying they intentionally didn't repair it for times sake. So, again, not going to fight over it. There were so many cars to fix from the storm, I'm sure every single shop was hustling to get done and missed some dents here and there. I would take my car here again to give them another chance but if it wasn't perfect that next time, I would also never go back. "
Hands Lee

"Had my car repaired here this week. I chose this company because of their 5 star reviews that I read on line. I can tell you that they lived up to their reputation! Great, fast and friendly service and the job they did on my car was perfect! I would DEFINITELY recommend them! PLUS my car came back to me cleaned and polished inside and out! "
Sally Williams

"They did an excellent job on a fender bender repair I needed for my car. They blended the bumper paint perfectly and feathered it out really far and really well, even taking care of some of the rock chips my car has picked up over the years. They also got it done really quickly. I was very impressed, my 5 year old car looked brand new! "
Jeff Earleson

"We took our Jeep Grand Cherokee in for some fairly extensive repairs in January 2018. They did an awesome job and were great to work with. We needed our vehicle back on a short timeline and they delivered on schedule. They also kept us updated on the progress of the repairs. I would absolutely recommend them. "
Payton Haight

"They did an awesome job on a minor fender bender. Blended paint perfect and even fixed a little shopping cart ding along with it. Would recommend. Had it done right on time. Some of the most courteous service I have ever received. "
Susan Berchtold

"Last week was the second time I had Morton Collision work on my vehinkle. I had them do some work on my 2002 Buick Century. You know these folks are great as soon as Christine answers the phone the first time you call them. I had Ryan and his guys touch up all the dings and scratches so they wouldn't start to rust. Also asked him to check the door seals because car was making too much wind noise. He also did a GREAT job on the strips that run along the door panels. They were starting to rust seriously. Can't see any rust there at all now. It's there underneath, it's not going away---but with the job Ryan did, the rust will sleep for a good while. (and some people say "rust never sleeps!") Ryan also gave me great advice on a couple other things I can do to keep my nineteen-year-old Buick running well for its age. (It only has 96,000 miles on it.) I wouldn't go anywhere else for body work! "
Elliot Yudenfriend

"Have been there 2 times for body repair and paint. Fair price for estimates and fast repairs. Color match was perfect both times. Friendly staff and are very helpful will definitely go back if the need arises. "
Tom Cohee

"I got a quote from Morton Collision Repair. It was what I considered reasonable. I scheduled the work. It was finished so quickly that I worried about the quality. I went to pick up the car and looked at it before going in to pay for it. I was amazed at how good it looked. I would have to say i am totally satisfied with the work and the service I received. Biased on my experience with them, I would recommend Morton Collision Repair. "

"We took our Siverado here after a hit and run. I'm super particular about my truck, and the guys took care of it. They were super nice to work with (and communicated well with my insurance company, so there were no surprises). Morton Collision was quick, and did excellent work. I have recommended them to our friends and family. "
Michel Click

"I had a 6 month old Toyota Tacoma that I got in a fight with a pole with on the front end. Lol. And I was a little disappointed with them at first just because I was going to get my truck a day late but. They do back what they say. Fast service. Thanks to the whole team Chris and Ryan and others I never new the name of. Definitely good quality so far. I will recommend them as I awlays have and have heard good things about them. Keep up the good work and always keep customers coming back. ? "
Jeff Beeney

"I was there making a pick up. Very clean and manicured landscaping. "
George Miller

"I wrote a very sincere review but it disappeared. I truly thank Ryan and his Team for the beautiful job that they did on my old Mercedes. 1999 but I love her just as much as I did when I first got her. Ryan and his team know how much I care. I know ever scratch and dent that she has/ had and Ryan &Team repaired much more than my insurance paid for. She looks so great. Young people thanks so much for making an old lady happy. "
Bonnie Davis

"My Jeep got broken into, which left my sunroof broken, off track and a MAJOR hazard. I called several places and no one could see me that day. Morton collision saw me first thing and helped me secure my sunroof. Free of charge! Even after the tape failed I brought it back and they did a better job securing my sun roof! These guys will go out of there way to get the job done. It's much appreciated! Thank you Morton Collision! "
Jared xx

"Excellent job. Very happy with the work. "
John Thurman

"I've had multiple experiences with Morton Collision. I have a car that was pretty much totaled that they did just an amazing job on and had a quick turn around on too. Both air bags were blown out front bumper grill etc. No complaints at all. I also had a truck i was rear ended and pushed into another truck. Completely totaled and undrivable. I called Morton Collison and they sent a tow truck from two towns away and beat the other guys tow truck that was from in town. Got a new truck and shortly after smashed the tailgate on it and they set me up with new one that was better than the one I had originally. I also found a black and gold late 70's Trans Am hood in a salvage yard and they are currently cleaning it up and clear coating it for me for wall art in my garage. Multiple of my friends and friends parents have had work done here as well "
Kristopher Rampelberg

"Ryan and his staff did a great job on my vehicle. Was done in the time they said it would be, and the quality was excellent. "
Larry Haynes

"Great men and women to work with. Have had a 2011 Acadia repaired by them after being rear ended, and had a couple tail gate dents repaired on a Sierra as well. Great job on both and don't know anything happened. "
Cameron Stalzer

"Great work wife hit a deer at 72 mph cars like new again!!! Ryan and His crew always take great care of you from start to finish!! "
Cory Waller

"They fixed my car and got me a rental in between. I would recommend them to anyone for anything... Love, love you guys!!:) "

"Great Auto body shop! Very professional and do a great job !! Would use them again and again if needed. "
Lucas F

"Best Body shop in all the Midwest area father and son family team that does A1 Quality work... YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR REMEMBER ALWAYS.. DONE RIGHT "

"Love this place, I'm a repeat customer. Great service, great work and great price that's all I ask for and they never let me down. "
Brenda Gibson

"I have used their services on a number of occasions. The workmanship is excellent and the staff friendly. Great value for the money. "
Tim Irwin

"These guys are great. I will go there again to buy my next set of tires. "
Daniel Gillis

"Super friendly highly knowledgeable with modern up-to-date equipment waiting for two vehicles to go in for hail damage "
Greg Dodd

"Awesome,great job.my car was clean. Thank you "
Cherryle Mason

"They did an excellent job, very happy with the results! "
Rod Mahr

"Have taken 2 cars in here after accidents. Great work on both. "
Jim Hubler

"Repaired Nitro 2011 and did an excellent job. "
Russell Scachette

"Honest and fair estimates. Very personable owner. Great work and follow through of promises "
Joe Bush

"Very very good. Highly recommended. "
Ben Nyman

"Great people to do business with. "
Tony Gavelys

"Best body shop I've dealt with. "
Butch Brakebill

"Great customer service, very good at explaining details. "
Jason Parker

"This is the only place I would trust to fix my vehicle! "
Brandon Gray

"Great group of guys doing great work. "
Adelaide Staley

"Great customer service and support! "
Georgia Griffin

"Very good "
Phil Piasse

"Top notch service, excellent work !! "
Jason Williams

"Excellent quality "
Cheryl Wireman

Scott Rinkenberger

Felicia Shinn

Amanda Long

Bonnie Adams

Cole Smith

Lisa DeCouto

Nikki Rhodes

Patrick Schoon

Jackie Woolard

Adam Bartlett

Rick Schmidt

Ron Harris

David Roberts

Lynnette Carter